#JusticeForBullet: Bullet Takes To Social Media To Cry And Beg For Help After He Was Cheated By Akhan’s Brother (+Video)

#JusticeForBullet: Bullet Takes To Social Media To Cry And Beg For Help After He Was Cheated By Akhan’s Brother (+Video)

Ricky Nana Agyemang, popularly known as Bullet, has come out on his IG page to seek for justice on alleged copyright issues he has suffered from Akhan’s brother.

According to him, he has been cheated and unfairly treated because though he was approached by his former partners about using a song produced by Bullet in a movie.

The post had it that a movie that was going to be shot in 2015 would feature a soundtrack from Bullet’s camp.

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It was only until recently that Bullet realized that the movie had been released and their song had been used. Yet no agreement had been reached to that effect and also, no money had been paid to Bullet

The Manager and record label owner of RuffTown Records therefore took to social media to expose the perpetrators of such a move and also called for support to have the right thing done and credit duly given.

Excerpts of the post read: “In 2015, Theophilus Baah, a brother of my former partner Akhan, who happened to be the manager of my defunct group Ruff n Smooth, comprising of myself and Ahkan informed me about a movie company in America who has shown interest in using our song as their movie soundtrack.
To make my story short, i just found out the movie is out and our song been used without my permission nor me seeing any legal contract and a huge sum of money being taken by my former partner’s brother.”


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From the post, Bullet felt rather cheated by the fact that two people could work so tirelessly to come out with a song only for one party to go behind the scenes and sell the song.

He said he didn’t know where else to seek justice and stated that social media was the only place that could help him claim what truly belonged to him.

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