List of CHAG hospitals in Ghana

List of CHAG hospitals in Ghana

Christian Health Association of Ghana (CHAG) is an organisation that is made up of 302 health facilities and also health training institutions. This institution is sponsored by 25 different churches of different denominations. These churches are the Catholic Church, SDA church, Pentecost churches and a variety of church ministries in Ghana. All the churches are the main sponsors of the organisation. The churches work together to establish the hospitals and various clinics in Ghana.

List of CHAG hospitals in Ghana


Another distinct characteristic of this organisation is the ability to reach out to almost all areas in Ghana and to provide the much needed healthcare. Before the organisation was founded, the cases of maternal deaths were more and generally the nation had fewer hospitals. Since CHAG Ghana was established however, this has changed. The people have access to healthcare and they live better lives today.

The main aim of coming up with this organisation was to help the people living in the remote areas of Ghana and the to get access to affordable and quality healthcare. This organisation has a mission to collaborate with the ministry of health to fulfill the health needs of Ghanaian and also to do God’s work by healing the sick. The most unique thing about CHAG is that it goes beyond tribalism and the members of the organisation are autonomous. They all work together to coordinate the activities of CHAG hospitals. There is nothing greater than the unity of the church to help its people. The hospital provides quality healthcare and also it has set affordable prices for all people. CHAG hospitals in Accra Ghana are among the best hospitals in Ghana.

List of CHAG hospitals in Ghana


CHAG hospitals are well known for their impeccable and personalised services. The customer care is always ready to help all the patients. The hospitals also have other clinics and facilities that help to meet the needs of the people. The main values of CHAG are unity in diversity, holistic healthcare, Christian identity and witness, respect for dignity, creativity and excellence, cooperation and partnership, accountability and also to help the poor. The hospitals have a board and secretariat, a council that governs the activities of the hospitals. So far, the hospitals have over 7300 employees all over the country. The main denomination in the CHAG organisation is the Catholic Church which is made up of 80% of the people followed by the Presbyterian Church and then the SDA church. Other churches include Anglican. Salvation Army, Methodist church, mount Zion church, word alive mission and many more.

There are various teaching hospitals in Ghana that are affiliated with CHAG. The teaching hospitals teach the medical students and also nurses are trained in the various hospitals. These hospitals give the students good working experience with real patients; it equips them with good knowledge on how to handle patients in general.

List of CHAG hospitals in Ghana


CHAG hospitals have a wide variety of special departments which have specialists in each department. The departments include surgery, pharmacy, radiology and cardiology among others. All the departments work in sync with each other. The hospitals have a nutrition department that oversees the general eating patterns of specific patients especially in the maternity and also the specialist departments. The hospital also has an emergency department that takes care of the emergencies that arrive at the hospital. The patients at this department are those that need immediate keen attention. Such patients are normally from accidents and they require intensive care. The hospitals are privately owned by the organisation. Majority of the employees are nurse’s doctor’s surgeons and other health practitioners who are well educated and equipped to perform various duties in the hospitals. The sad fact is that in anyone’s lifetime, disease is inevitable and establishment of such hospitals will help to reduce the prevalence of the diseases and in the long run reduce mortality rates. CHAG hospitals works with the government to prevent this by providing quality health services to the citizens. Below are the various branches of Christian Health Association of Ghana. All the doctors that work at CHAG hospitals are well paid and the hospitals provide a conducive environment for proper treatment. Below is a list of CHAG .

1. CHAG hospitals in greater Accra region

The main offices of Christian Health Association of Ghana are at the capital of Ghana. Accra has a high population and it is with this respect that the CHAG hospitals dominate in greater Accra. The main hospital branch offers a wide array of services including maternity, dental, paediatrics and many more. Other branches of CHAG in Accra include Pentecost hospital, Light house mission hospital, Mary Lucy hospital, the trust hospital and the trust specialist hospital. CHAG hospitals in Accra are equally equipped with state of the art equipment. The people living in this area should feel free to visits any of these branches in order to get special treatment.

2. CHAG hospitals in Brong Ahafo region

The brong Ahafo region has a total of 10 CHAG hospitals. All the ten hospitals provide quality healthcare to the people and also good customer care services. The hospitals are equally distributed in the region. Some of the Chag hospitals at this region include St. Elizabeth Catholic hospital, Holy family hospital Techiman, Holy family hospital, west end hospital, Owusu memorial hospital, and Trustcare specialist hospital. The specialist hospitals have special doctors that have specialized in different disease. Diseases such as diabetes and cancer have special doctors that the patients see whenever they need any type of consultation regarding the disease. These hospitals also work hand in hand with each other to ensure that services are offered adequately.

3. CHAG hospitals in Tema

The chag hospitals that are located in Tema include; Port medical centre, Narh-bita hospital, Biney medical centre, Tema women’s hospital, New crystal hospital and the Tema general hospital. Tema womens hospital specializes in providing quality healthcare for women. It offers good maternity services, paediatric and also post maternal services. The hospital is well equipped with equipment that ensures that the health of the women is well taken care of. This hospital also offers family planning methods to mothers in order to control the number of children that they can give birth to. All these hospitals are open 24 hours a day.

The most outstanding characteristic of the CHAG hospitals is that after visiting the hospitals you not only get physical healing but also spiritual healing. CHAG hospitals in greater Accra and all over Ghana also provide referral services whereby if a person’s condition requires a specialist, an individual can be transferred to a specialist CHAG hospital for better medical care. CHAG opens the possibilities and makes them realities and contributes to the general economic growth of the country.

4. CHAG hospitals in Volta region

In the volta region the various chag hospitals include the VRA clinic and the Claron Health international. The two hospitals offer medical services for the sick. They are strategically located in Volta in order to serve the people of Volta adequately. The hospitals are also well equipped for all individuals who need medical attention.

5. CHAG Catholic hospitals Kumasi

The following are the chag catholic hospitals in Kumasi include; Westend hospital, Asafo-Boakye hospital, Tafo hospital, Asafo-Agyei Hospital, Komfo Anokye Teaching hospital and the Hope Xchange medical centre. All the above hospitals are equally good.

Other CHAG hospitals are also located in the Ashanti region. The hospitals aim at distributing the medical facilities all over Ghana, taking into consideration the remote areas in Ghana. The fact that they have many branches means that they have access to the general population. CHAG hospitals have good management. That is why they are able to run so smoothly. The pastors and the men of God make up the management.

CHAG organisation has also been involved in charitable events previously that have been a major positive influence to the people of Ghana. Currently CHAG is working to provide the best health care services in Ghana and also to improve the state of the hospitals a notch higher including the district hospitals in Ghana. This will be done by fulfilling their objectives and also with the help of the government the hospitals will be able to expand. The organisation looks forward to increase the branches all over Ghana and also if possible to other countries. The Christian health organisation understands the value of helping its own people first at all costs and also brining more people to God in the process.

CHAG hospitals bring unity for all people from all races. They cover all parts of Ghana and ensure patients are treated equally. Another outstanding quality about CHAG hospitals is the commitment of the members of the staff. The hospital staff works around the clock to ensure that all patients are attended to accordingly. At CHAG every patient is assured of quality and pocket friendly services that will not only change your perception about health facilities in Ghana but will also encourage you to join the organisation in doing good to the people regardless of their race. CHAG is also open to volunteers. For those looking forward to work in the hospitals can log in to and look for updates and also stay tuned for any upcoming jobs at CHAG.

CHAG hospitals are among the best hospitals in Ghana.

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