Kennedy Agyapong biography: age, wife, cars, and house

Kennedy Agyapong biography: age, wife, cars, and house

Among the few millionaires in Ghana, one name which stands out from the rest is that of Kenned Agyapong. The young millionaire is well known since he is a famous politician, farmer, and businessman. He has retained his seat as Member of Parliament in Assin North a couple of times, a clear indication that fans love his political ideologies.

Kennedy Agyapong

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Mr. Kennedy Agyapong is one of the most successful young men in Ghana. Not only is his political career thriving, but also his businesses are massively expanding as the days pass.

Kennedy Agyapong profile summary
    Full Name: Kennedy Ohene Agyapong Birth Town: Assin Dompin, Central Region of Ghana Date of Birth: June 16, 1960 Profession: Politician, Farmer, and Businessman Net worth: N/A Wife: Stella Wilson-Agyapong
Kennedy Agyapong bio

The famous Ghanaian politician, Kennedy Agyapong, was born in Assin Dompim in the Central Region of Ghana. His birth name was Kennedy Ohene Agyapong. Kennedy was a very bright student who managed to acquire a in 1983. Later, Ohene studied in New York City, USA in Fordham University for three consecutive years. Kennedy, later on, graduated from the university and began developing an interest in politics. Currently, Agyapong is a respected businessman, a well-known politician in Ghana, a farmer, and a father.

He is the director of Assin Farms, Supercare Group of Companies, and Hollywood Shopping Centre.

Kennedy Agyapong political career

Although he may be a successful businessman, most of the Ghanaians, however, recognize him due to his strong political ideologies. Ohene first came to the political limelight when he was elected the Member of Parliament in 2000 to the seat of Assin North. After finishing the first term, Ghana went to the election board and elected Ohene again as their Member of Parliament in 2004 to the seat of Assin North. He retained his position both in the 2004 and 2008 parliamentary elections.

Agyapong developed an interest in politics and only became active in 2008 when he bid to be the presidential flag-bearer of his affiliated party. The party was the New Patriotic Party. However, he failed the bid, and the party elected another flag bearer who lost the election. Ohene was taken back by the loss and began criticizing the then National Democratic Congress government on several media platforms. Due to the public condemnation, Ohene was detained following the presidential order of John Evans Atta-Mills.

The arrest of the famous politician sparked a lot of political unrest in Ghana. To try and subdue the growing rebellion in Ghana, the President acknowledged that Ohene had made several remarks which he had found threatening. However, in opposition to the statements by the President, many were quick to point out that the comments of the politician only pointed out the various injustices to which members of the opposition party, particularly the market women were subjected to in the regions of Accra, when they showed up and tried to vote in their respective constituencies.

The detention, however, did not seem to fade the light of Kennedy of becoming a well-known politician in Ghana. Presently, Kennedy Agyapong is the chairman of the Communication Committee in Parliament, under the current presidency of Nana Akufo-Addo. When news of the former President John Mahama’s brother corruption scandal hit the headlines; Ohene was significantly taken back and vowed to commit suicide if the brother to Mahama was not jailed. According to Agyapong, the corruption activities were a significant contributor to the state losing its money.

To validate his claims, Kennedy gave an example of how John’s brother was corrupt. He claimed that Ibrahim Mahama defaulted paying his taxes for more than one year, during the period in which his brother was the President of the Republic of Ghana. The persistent personal campaigns of Ohene in regards to this corruption scandal of Ibrahim led to his investigation and the subsequent agreement of Mahama to pay the mentioned taxes. Following this incident, Agyapong got so much recognition and praises from many Ghanaians.

Anas photos and news

Agyapong once made an indirect attack on the Electoral Commissioner of Ghana Charlotte Osei for allegedly trading sex to acquire her position as the Electoral Commissioner boss. The claims by Kennedy brought him so much criticism from various Queen mothers, human rights activists, and a number of the members of parliament. Following this incident was the arrest of Ghana Football Association president Kwasi Nyantakyi in 2018. The news brought so much controversy primarily due to the investigative report of the journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas.

Anas is an anti-corruption investigative journalist, who has continued to be threatened by Ohene following his media coverage that led to the arrest of the Ghana Football Association president. Ohene appeared for an interview on Adom FM on June 4, 2018, and went ahead to refer to Anas as ‘a blackmailer and an extortionist.’ The threats by Kennedy have made the Committee to Protect Journalist highly condemn the behavior of this famous Ghanaian politician. Kennedy Agyapong and Anas drama continue to make headlines in most media stations.

When Kennedy Agyapong news of his cross-examination hit the streets, most of his loyal fans were shocked. However, the truth of the matter was that the favorite politician of most Ghanaians was being cross-examined for contempt of parliament in July 2018.

Kennedy Agyapong cars

When it comes to politicians, most of them are known due to their valuable assets. Ken Agyapong is well known due to his impressive car collection. There are beliefs and speculations that Ohene is the first Ghanaian individual ever to . In addition to this expensive car, Ohene also owns a private jet.

Kennedy Agyapong biography: age, wife, cars, and house

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The expensive Rolls Royce and private jet have sparked a lot of speculations, prompting the Customs Excise and Preventive Service to look deeper into his wealth.

Kennedy Agyapong net worth

When it comes to the net worth of most politicians, fans have the beliefs that their net worth is massive. By looking at the impressive and expensive car collection of Ohene, it is evident that the . Given that he even has a private jet; it is no secret that the politician lives a lavishing lifestyle. Ohene has multiple successful businesses making it even harder to predict his net worth.

The Ghanaian politician has not come out yet to confirm as of 2019. It goes to mean that no figure can be given as either an estimate or an exact value of the net worth of this successful entrepreneur and farmer.

Kennedy Agyapong wife

Kennedy Ohene Agyapong is married to Stella Wilson-Agyapong. The couple is involved in the , which entails thirteen companies that range from media, cold stores, to real estate. Ohene is the CEO of KenCity Media, whereas his wife Stella operates as the owner of the company in regards to the National Communication Authority.

Kennedy Agyapong biography: age, wife, cars, and house

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Stella Wilson is also the registered owner of Oman FM Limited which manages Oman FM and Net 2 TV as per the laws of the National Communications Authority.

When it comes to politics, most leaders are known to have more enemies than friends. However, one man in Ghana by the name Kennedy Agyapong is defying this notion. Ohene has more friends and followers, thanks to his ongoing fight against corruption. Given his growing follower base over the years, it is crystal clear that Agyapong is one political leader that everyone should keep a watchful eye on presently.

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