Latest news on Khaligraph Jones net worth

Latest news on Khaligraph Jones net worth

One of the most popular musicians in our country is Khaligraph Jones. He is very busy performing for big companies, they pay huge sums of money to Khaligraph for his great performance. This has enabled him to maintain a luxurious lifestyle. Are you excited to know more about Khaligraph Jones? Here is the latest information about Khaligraph Jones net worth, cars, hit songs and many more.

Khaligraph jones net worth


Khaligraph Jones net worth 2018

Khaligraph is one of the richest artists in the music industry. He has good connections with many reputed companies. Companies increase their brand value through the mesmerizing performance of Khaligraph. The main sources of income of Khaligraph Jones is music and he receives a seven figure and above from these companies. Khaligraph is in the list of top 10 rappers in the African continent. His stage performance is really awesome! People love to attend his live performances for his unique style of performance and he is also a great rapper. Khaligraph Jones is a master in rap music, he comfortably performs in both English and Swahili. He has won many awards for his hit songs.

Another interesting fact about him is the that he loves to drive. Currently he is maintaining a fleet of luxurious cars including Toyota Mark X and a Range Rover. However, what exactly is Khaligraph Jones net worth still remains as an area of interest for many of his fans since, the artist has preferred to keep such information confidential.

Khaligraph jones net worth 2018


Khaligraph Jones cars
Khaligraph jones cars


According to instagram, Khaligraph Jones house is a furnished one and the estimated cost of the is Ksh 3 million . The house is beyond nice! But a question often arises; is the house is really his own house or rented? People are still in confusion.

Khaligraph jones house


Khaligraph Jones songs

There is no doubt that is a popular Kenyan famous hip hop artist. At a very young age he fell in love with music. He especially felt comfortable with hip hop because, he expresses his real talent in this area. Only at the age of 13 Khaligraph released his first song. He also won the Channel O Emcee Africa competition when he was 19 years old. After that, he released many hit songs for his fans. Out of all his hit songs, he is famous for his ‘Yego’ song. This song gave him a new name in the music industry. He became popular for this songs. There are various other popular songs of Khaligraph Jones, some of these songs are mentioned below.

1. Yego
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2. Toa Tint
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3. Micasa Sucasa
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4. Rewind
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5. Wanjiru & Akinyi
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6. Cypher
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7. Black Bill Gates
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8. Em- besha
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9. Mazishi
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10. Nobody
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Khaligraph Jones biography

Khaligraph Jones is a multi-talented person. The real name of Khaligraph Jones is Brain Robert Ouko. He was born in 1990. He is a famous hip-hop artist in Kenya. The credit of his success in music will go to his elder brother because, he took initiative and influenced him to start career in the music industry. His talent in rap is amazing! Khaligraph Jones has already recorded above 400 songs and most people in the entertainment industry are interested to work with Khaligraph Jones because his supreme talent increases the value of the music industry.

family is something important to him as he is a family oriented person. He has one elder brother. His love life revolves around his girlfriend Cashy. She is an entrepreneur and artist and her real name is Karimi Mariungi. They have been together for the last five years. Cashy collaborated with her boyfriend in the song “Micasa Sucasa”. This collaboration earned her a lot of attention and enabled her to step out into the spot light. Furthermore, according to Facebook, Khaligraph Jones educational qualification includes his schooling from Brucewood, Kenya and completion of degree course from United States international University (USIU).

khaligraph jones education


Khaligraph Jones bleaching is among the alegations he has faced. Most Kenyans were surprised with his lighter skin on National TV. At that time he replied that, the main reason of the lighter skin is drinking of clean water and hustling less in the sun. But it has kept us, Kenyans, totally confused. However, he expressed in his song that, there is no problem whether he is bleaching or not, still his rap game is in the top list.

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