What you need to know about Aaron Adatsi school, university and roles played in movies

What you need to know about Aaron Adatsi school, university and roles played in movies

Aaaron Adatsi school life journey has been wonderful because it clearly reflects how determined and hardworking he has always been. The award winning young man popularly known as Cyril went to school at Dormaa Senior High School (ADIKANFO) and was a great performer back then. He became popular after featuring in just one Ghanaian TV series known as the YOLO TV series that was produced by Farm House and since then, he has never looked back.

Just like most successful people, Aaron Adatsi school journey has been remarkable as he attended one of the most prestigious schools senior high schools in Ghana and is currently at a well known public university in Ghana as well. The award winning actor who bagged the title of the best actor drama series in the 2016 Ghana Movie Awards, for his role in the YOLO TV Series is very active on Facebook, Instagram, twitter, YouTube and other social media platforms. He has a huge following due to his popularity. You should consider subscribing to his YouTube channels as he keeps his audience entertained with his latest videos while on stage, recent photos, acting and much more. You do not want to miss out on that especially if you are die hard fan.

Aaron Adatsi profile
    Name: Aaron Adatsi, Age: Born 13th January, Origin: Ghana, Marital Status: In a relationship, Occupation: Actor, Famous for: His role in the Ghanaian TV series YOLO among other achievements. Net worth: N/A Facebook: Aaron Adatsi Twitter: @aaronadatsi1 Instagram: Contacts: N/A

This article is going to take you through the of Aaron Adatsi so that you have a glimpse of what his life has been all about and be in a position to answer the question who is Aaron Adatsi.

Aaron Adatsi school

No matter how famous you are, you must have at one point been in school just like other normal children. Aaron Adatsi background reveals the school he attended while growing up. Most people just know Aaron Adatsi as Cyril for his role in the Ghanaian TV Series YOLO but they do not know that Dormaa Senior High School (ADIKANFO) was aaron adatsi shs.That is the school where this brilliant young man full of talent sharpened his skills. It was the first school to be built by Ghana’s first president who was Dr. Nkwameh Nkurumah. Dormaa Senior High School was established in the year 1947 and was the first school in the Brong Ahafo Region.

He performed well and earned himself a step ahead in the academic world and joined a well known University. Aaron Adatsi university is Nkwame Nkurumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). It is the largest Public University in Kumasi Metropolis and Ashanti. There is no information on the course he is partaking, but all we know is that he is a conqueror and will in the end prosper in whatever path he has followed. Here is a list of other who have passed through NKwameh Nkurumah University of Science and Technology.

    Amma Darko Kofi Annan Albert Abongo Hackman Owusu-Agyeman Joseph Amenowode Joseph Yieleh Chireh Samuel Koranteng-Pipim Alex Tettey -Enyo Kwaku Boateng Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings

Aaron Adatsi biography

There is a lot to know about Aaron Adatsi in YOLO, and away from the screen. Aaron Adatsi is a popular figure in Ghana especially among the youths. His road to fame begun when he featured in the Ghanaian TV Series called YOLO. Through the program, he gained his stage name Cyril and most fans do not even know his real name due to the fact that his stage name has dominated his real name.

He became the centre of attention in the Ghanaian TV series due to the fact that he is the only character that is tossed about in many situations in the program. The situations he is seen handling in YOLO range from hanging out with friends, relationships and much more. With his young innocent looks, he has managed to catch the attention of many fans.

Aaron Adatsi real age remains a mystery as we only know him as a young promising actor who was born in 13th January does not only boast of acting as a talent but also drawing. He confesses that he enjoys drawing when away from the screen during his leisure time. When he announced his birth date, he received a lot of gifts from fan and friends which is a clear indication of how much this young man is loved in Ghana. Therefore, if you wish to give him a present on his next birthday, you now know the appropriate time to do so.

Aaron Adatsi roles played in movies

Aaron Adatsi has featured in a number of movies series and films. Nonetheless, he is popularly known for his role, Cyril, in YOLO. Below is a discussion about the different movies and roles Aaron Adatsi has featured:

    YOLO - In this TV series, Aaron plays the role of boy who is raised in family that is not united. His father is an auto mechanic while the mother manages a saloon. Cyril, Adatsi's name in YOLO is confused in matters women and solely relies on instincts. He falls in love with a beautiful lady, Emily who he hurts and later apologizes with little experience. Cyril paints a picture of a naive boy who knows little about relationships.
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    Sidechick gang - in this drama, Aaron featured as Jesse. The whole movie revolves around three ladies who set out on a mission to reveal side-chicks who encroach thriving relationships. The trio limit their services to women only. After a few expose, their venture attracts lots of traffic which translates to good money and strong opposition from the aggrieved parties; men. In an unexpected twist, a man visits them with a request; he wants her woman exposed. The man had suspicions about his woman's loyalty and was willing to pay any amount to confirm his suspicions. With a huge amount before them, sidechick gang made an exception and took the job, but their biggest opponent yet, is the men who had their sidechicks exposed.
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    Pills and portions
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According to ghfreak, Adatsi has been named as part of the cast that will feature on the soon to be Hashtag, a comedy thriller that promises to take Ghana's entertainment scene by a storm.

Aaron Adatsi relationship

Aatron Adatsi has been a darling to many especially ladies and most have an interest in knowing whether he is taken or not. Well, he disappointed many when he clarified on most of his social media pages that he was not single. Although he did not mention who he is in a relationship with, claims have it that Emily could be his girlfriend based on his recent spell with her. In Season two episode three of YOLO, Cyril knelt down as a way of asking for forgiveness from his girlfriend Emily for not being able to make it on time to meet her parents. This act won the heart of Emily and from a previous interview; she confessed her feelings towards him. Aaron Adatsi also later confessed that the kneeling act was a strategy to win Emily’s heart and we could only hope that it worked.

Aaron Adatsi achievements

Aaron Adatsi has had a number of achievements. Below are some of them.

    He was the best actor drama series in the 2016 Ghana Movie Awards for his role in the YOLO TV Series. Played the role of Cyril in the Ghanaian TV SERIES YOLO. He was announced as the official Co-Host of TMGTV which is an entertainment based TV show on GhOne TV with the main host being Viennty. If you wish to catch the show, it airs every Saturday at 2:00 pm on GhOne, and 4:00pm on Saturday on TV7.

All in all, Aaron Adatsi is a budding actor who is full of passion and ready to sharpen his skills and be able to rub shoulders with people like John Dumelo, Yvonne Nelson ,Jackie Appiah, Majid Michael and many more. He managed to perfectly play his role as Cyril in the Ghanaian TV Series YOLO and we can only hope that he has a lot more cooking for us.

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