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Male cross-dressers arrested in northern Nigeria

Male cross-dressers arrested in northern Nigeria
Twenty-six male cross-dressers have been arrested at a birthday party in Kano state, northern Nigeria, the Islamic police say.

Deputy commander Tasiu Ishaq said the young men, who were dressed as women, were detained on Sunday.

“It is a shame that men and good citizens can put up such a behaviour and act like women,” he said.

Commander Ishaq said the men had been “preached to” about the spiritual consequences of their actions and would be released to their parents.

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One of the accused men told the BBC that a friend had invited him to the party and that the person whose party it was escaped when the Islamic police arrived.

“They have preached to us and we have prayed since they arrested us. I regret what happened and I will stop this behaviour by God’s grace,” he said.

Kano is one of the states in northern Nigeria that enforces Sharia, Islamic religious law, which has been in place since 2001.

The Islamic police have the power to arrest people they believe are carrying actions that are contrary to Islamic laws.

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