What Do You Know About Fishing? - U.S. Commemorates World Fisheries Day with a Quiz Show

 What Do You Know About Fishing? - U.S. Commemorates World Fisheries Day with a Quiz Show

On November 19, 2023, the United States Government through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) collaborated with the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) for World Fisheries Day.

To commemorate the day, GBC organized a special fisheries-themed edition of their popular ‘What Do You Know?’ quiz.The event was held as part of the USAID-supported Feed the Future Ghana Fisheries Recovery activity, to increase the youth’s interest in the fisheries sector, highlight the important role the sector plays, and encourage the public’s participation in protecting Ghana’s fisheries and marine resources. St.

Augustine's College - Winner Four senior high schools from the four coastal regions of Ghana including the Accra Academy (Greater Accra Region), Keta Senior High School (Volta Region), Ahantaman Girls Senior High School (Western Region), and St.

The program was broadcast live on Ghana Television (GTV), the national public broadcaster and watched across the country.

Augustine's College won the contest, while Accra Academy, Ahantaman Girls Senior High School, and Keta Senior High School were first, second and third runners up-respectively.

The winning school was awarded trophy, and all the participating schools received cash prizes ranging from 5,000 Ghana cedis for the winner and 2,000 Ghana cedis for the third runner up. Participating schools with Quiz Master  The U.S.

USAID has supported Ghana in increasing food security, improving basic health care, enhancing access to quality basic education, and strengthening local governance to benefit all Ghanaian people.


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