Former Schoolmate Details How Bawumia Joined Methodist Boys Brigade

Former Schoolmate Details How Bawumia Joined Methodist Boys Brigade

Mahamudu Bawumia has detailed how he joined the Tamale Methodist Boys Brigade before his mother converted to Islam.According to Mr.

Mahamudu Bawumia joined the Boys Brigade in the Tamale Methodist Church in the 1960s.“My name is Rajah Ishwah.

While I was in Primary school the Vice President was my very good friend.I happened to be a Methodist and we…my brothers and I joined the Boys Brigade when we were in class 3 or 4.

The Vice President one time we were marching through town and at the time he lived with his parents in the center of Tamale, second storey building in downtown Tamale so he saw us and was really excited.Even though already he knew I was a member of Boys Brigade because we talk at school, so he expressed interest and asked me to talk to his mum.

She had no reservations about the fact that it was a Christian Youth Organization.She agreed and have us the money to pay for the uniform and the membership which we did and we were with the boys brigade till we left for Secondary School.

At that time it was a boarding school so there was no way we could attend meetings and since then we’ve still been in touch, our mothers went to the same school,” he said.He indicated that he’s not surprised that people doubt the Vice President when he says he is a member because he grew up in a Muslim home.However, he was quick to add that the Boys Brigade is non-denominational and accommodates all and sundry.Vice President Dr.

Mahamudu Bawumia while speaking at the 175th anniversary of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Accra touted the peaceful co-existence in Ghana and the fact that the country always ranked well for peace.He recalled his days as a member of the Methodist Boys Brigade.“Growing up I was an active member of the Methodist Boys Brigade until my mum changed to Islam.

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