Bear With Us; Ghana Will Be Better Again - Kwadaso MP Pleads

Bear With Us; Ghana Will Be Better Again - Kwadaso MP Pleads

Kingsley Nyarko says Ghanaians should be grateful to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and his government for the social interventions introduced to improve their living conditions.According to him, the President cannot be entirely blamed for the economic challenges as Ghana is not the only country in a meltdown.He noted that Ghana would have been doing exceptionally well if not for the Coronavirus pandemic and now the Ukraine/Russia war which, to him, have badly affected the economy.However, the President is relentless in restoring the economy, therefore, Dr.

Kingsley Nyarko appealed to Ghanaians to appreciate the President's good works knowing that he is doing his best to make life better for them."Ghanaians should bear with this government because the government is doing everything possible for us to progress...Ghanaians should bear with us.

The government is capable.

What we are experiencing is temporal and the government is doing everything to bring us back to the pre-pandemic levels", he pleaded.He also asked the citizens not to lose sight of the bad governance by the previous John Mahama regime where life of hardship was unbearable for them."During the time that we slept in darkness for so many years, show me a single intervention that government brought to cushion us.

There was inertia on the part of that government...But at least we have done something.

In the midst of the pain and hardship, you know government is doing something to soothe the pain of the people.

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