Re: A Konkomba Student Calls For The Arrest Of Blakk Rasta Over The Konkomba-Chokosi Conflict

Re: A Konkomba Student Calls For The Arrest Of Blakk Rasta Over The Konkomba-Chokosi Conflict

In my rejoinder article to the Graphic Online article titled “Two jailed 10 years for roles in Konkomba, Chokosi conflict” where I provided a comprehensive analysis of the immediate as well as the remote factors behind the conflict, and a synopsis of the different roles being played by the two combating tribes in the year-long clashes, I called for “the arrest of the Ghanaian reggae musician and radio presenter of Zylofon FM, Abubakar Ahmed (aka Blakk Rasta) to assist in investigations” in relation to the Chereponi conflict between Konkombas and Dagombas.

Graciously, close investigations have already been made with respect to the article, the outcome of which constitutes the subject matter of this rejoinder.

It will interest you to know that the star artist expressed shock at the news that the audio recording of approximately seven years ago of his much loved and listened to Africa History Class radio program had gone viral in March 2019 during the clashes to twist his good motives. It is not a recent audio as is widely believed.

The Africa History Class is a highly educative radio program formulated with the artist’s exceptional rhetoric. Its focus is on the History of Africa and its tribes. The objective of the program is to bring the study of African history to the home, and enable the audience to appreciate the rich socio-cultural diversity which we have and to strengthen our solidarity as a people of continental identity. And the audio in question was recorded while he hosted the program on the Hitz FM.

“Heaven is my witness that I am a lover of peace. I have not the slightest taste for bloodbaths of any nature. As a star and role model that have drawn fans from all tribes across the country and beyond, I have great love and respect for (1) every person, (2) every tribe, and (3) ethnic diversity, for which reason I mount the air waves to host the Africa History Class. My fans should not be let down. All who felt let down because of the wrong impression created that I had stooped so low should embrace the reality of my good motives,” said Blakk Rasta.

Like I hinted respecting Rasta’s gifts of speech, music and influence, those who circulated the audio in the season of the clashes have rather twisted his objectives to do untold damage to the artist’s reputation, themselves and to others. I entreat all who are circulating the audio do desist from using it for the unintended purpose.

Meanwhile, I acknowledge, with special regards, the investigator who has responded to the article and dug into the matter. Your efforts have strengthened my conviction that the audience takes my widely circulated writings seriously as anticipated, and I express deep gratitude to God that this one too has yielded much good in creating the awareness of the Ghanaian Reggae music icon on the rather unfortunate impact of the audio and provided an opportunity for him to vindicate himself.

By Mawandor Binyam
E-mail: [email protected]
31st May, 2019


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