We have everything to produce good movies - Socrate Sarfo

We have everything to produce good movies - Socrate Sarfo

Ghanaian director, filmmaker, and Director for Creative Arts at the National Commission on Culture (NCC) Socrate Sarfo has said that the movie industry has everything to produce good movies they only need the right people.

The movie industry has been suffering for some time and has also reduced the production of their movies.

According to Socrates, most filmmakers in the country are not able to fish out the right tools and equipment to shoot their movies.

Speaking on E-TV, Socrates Sarfo stated that although the movie industry is facing challenges at this point, he believes the movie industry will bounce back.

“It looks like there is no hope, but I can tell you, everything that we need to produce good content in Ghana we have them.

He stated that one does not need a lot of money to shoot a movie but those who do not know much about the movie industry and goes into it claim that shooting a movie needs a huge amount of money

“If I want to shoot a movie today, I will not go for a loan

Original Story on: Ghbase

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