Many Ghanaian police officers are drunkards – Prophet Kofi Oduro

Many Ghanaian police officers are drunkards – Prophet Kofi Oduro
Prophet Kofi Oduro, the founder and leader of the Alabaster International Church has bemoaned the drinking culture among some officers of the Ghana Police Service.

Kofi Oduro is worried that the actions of these drunkards is denting the image of the Service.

He recounted a situation he witnessed where a totally drunk policeman fell in a gutter and severely injured himself.

He lamented that the pride and reverence that used to be associated with the service is eroding due to the actions of bribe-taking and drunkard police officers.

“Many police officers are drunkards. The last time a police officer got drunk to the extent that he fell into a gutter. He got injured terribly and the sad aspect is that he was in uniform. He is a disgrace to the profession. There used to be some glory and pride in wearing the police uniform but these days, look at them”, he said.

He also criticized police officers who take bribes to pervert justice. He stated that such persons are always on the look out for their interest instead of the nation’s interest.

He urged them to take responsibility and beautify their barracks instead of always looking to government to perform such tasks.

“It’s unfortunate. No matter how much they are paid, they will still take GHC2. When there is a case before them, instead of ensuring justice, they bend it. Go to the barracks and see the condition of the barracks. They are all waiting for government to paint the buildings,” he said on Okay FM.

Prophet Kofi Oduro was preaching on the attitude of some professionals in the country.

He took a swipe at some nurses who treat their patients with disrespect and appealed to them to go about their jobs in a way that brings some glory to it.


Original Story on: GhanaWeb

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