It’s nonsense to blame God for road accidents – Eastwood Anaba

It’s nonsense to blame God for road accidents – Eastwood Anaba
CEO of Eastwood Anaba Ministries Eastwood Anaba has expressed shock at the blames placed on the doorstep of God by most Christians.

According to him, Christians need to take responsibility for their lives and stop apportioning blames for their misfortunes.

The Pastor who lost his two daughters and some Church members through an accident in 2009 believes that it was not the doing of the lord but the recklessness on the part of the driver who should have ensured that he brought occupants of the car home safely.

“I remember when we had our accident and people were saying and God and God, I said is God a driver? What nonsense is this? Is God a driver, does God drive car? Does God control the speedometer? We have a lot of recklessness on our roads and carnage and the thing is not God.

Yesterday I read a story and people had gone for a funeral and they were coming and they just parked by the roadside because the car had developed a fault. A driver from nowhere came and run into these people. One of them died and then two are In the hospital in critical condition somewhere in the Upper West region.

God doesn’t drive a car, he doesn’t do roadworthy, church lets rise up, believers let’s rise up. Let’s know that God gave us wisdom and gave us grace and gave us a sense of responsibility and this earth is ours, if we want to change it, we will change it. Start working God will assist you,” he told his congregants.


Original Story on: GhanaWeb

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