NADMO building resilience against earthquakes – Interior Minister

NADMO building resilience against earthquakes – Interior Minister
Ambrose Dery, the Minister for Interior has said the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) is putting in place measures aimed at dealing effectively with earthquakes in the event that there is an occurrence in the country.

Speaking at a forum to discuss Ghana’s readiness for earthquakes on the theme “building resilient to earthquakes, a national priority”, Ambrose Dery announced that NADMO has instituted measures to ensure effective disaster management.

“The National Disaster Management Organization is making efforts in consonance with the President’s vision to build resilience against earthquakes. NADMO has an updated education material on earthquake protection ready for publication. It will be translated into various Ghanaian languages for dissemination,” he said.

He added “I will encourage NADMO to revisit its document, the National Building Guide for Lightly Loaded Structures in disaster prone areas to support the efforts of assemblies and builders especially in the rural areas”.

Ghana’s key infrastructure on fault lines

Speaking at the same event, the Director-General of NADMO announced some crucial state institutions are on earthquake fault lines.

“The West African earthquake fault zone in Ghana gets to Ho, moves through Eastern Region and through Greater Accra to Nyanyano in the Central Region. It is bewilderment to know that almost all critical state infrastructure are on the fault line. Namely Tema Harbour, Kotoka International Airport, Akosombo Dam, Weija Dam and unfortunately our Jubilee House,” he said.


Original Story on: GhanaWeb

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