Parents should pay more attention to their kids - Rev Nyansa advises

Parents should pay more attention to their kids - Rev Nyansa advises
Rev Nyansa Boakwa, host of the number one religious radio show on Happy 98.9 FM, NsemPii has advised parents to pay more attention to their children.

According to him, most parents of today are too busy to train their children on right and wrong, causing most of these children to go wayward as they have to figure out life for themselves.

He stated that, some parents have made their jobs a priority instead of their children making themselves inaccessible to their kids. Describing this as bad, he said, “At the end of the day, it is endangering the child and granting him or her the opportunity to consume even information they are not supposed to”.

Talking to his listeners he added, “It is time for parents to sit their children down and talk to them. In today’s world, parents have left training and teaching for teachers even though it is not their sole responsibility”.

He furthered that most parents hardly even get the time to sit the kids down and talk to them which sometimes leads the children to resort to learning on their own and taking certain decisions for themselves. He argued these decisions sometimes result in the kids destroying their lives because, “they had no guidance”.

He advised parents to make time out of their busy schedule to give good counsel to their children so they do not end up taking decisions that might affect their lives adversely.


Original Story on: GhanaWeb

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