Women will start riding Okada to earn money - NDC’s Mavis Ama Frimpong

Women will start riding Okada to earn money - NDC’s Mavis Ama Frimpong
A member of the National Democratic Manifesto team, Mavis Ama Frimpong has revealed that women will be encouraged to go into the Okada transport business if the NDC wins the December 7 elections.

The former Eastern Regional Minister argued that women are very cautious when driving to the extent that the number of women who get involved in road accidents is minimum.

Mavis Ama Frimpong also justified her point that if women are allowed to ride motorcades in the security services, then they can equally be allowed to ride motorcycles to generate income for themselves when given the necessary training.

“We realized that there are women who are riding the motorcades when you go to the Police Service. So it is also clear that when we give women the opportunity they will be able to ride well,” Mavis Armah Frimpong on the sidelines of the NDC’s Townhall meeting.

She added, “How many women get themselves involved in road accidents? I believe once we give them training, they will be able to ride the Pragya, Okada and even the Aboboya, women will be able to take it up as their income-generating ventures.”

The NDC have promised to legalize and regulate the motorcycle business when they return to power in 2021.


Original Story on: GhanaWeb

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