Court rescinds Afoko’s bail: interesting justice, clap for the Rule of Law – Lawyer Edudzi

Court rescinds Afoko’s bail: interesting justice, clap for the Rule of Law – Lawyer Edudzi

A private legal practitioner, Edudzi Tamaklo has described as “interesting justice” the decision by an Accra High Court has rescinded the bail granted to Gregory Afoko, the prime suspect in the murder of the late Upper East Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Adams Mahama.

This follows an application by the office of the Attorney General to reverse the bail granted him by another High Court in March this year.

The bail:

A High Court in Accra in March 2019 has granted the bail for Mr. Akofo who was standing trial since 2015. Mr. Geogery Akofo is said to have fulfilled all the bail conditions set by the Court.

According to reports, his the elder brother, Paul Afoko who is suspended NPP former National Chairman stood surety for him and use property worth 10 times more than the bail amount as justification.

But Government through the Police refuses to release Afoko on bail in flagrant disregard of the decision of the court. The Government, through the Attorney General further appeals to Court of Appeal, to have the bail decision reversed but same is refused by the Court of Appeal.

Despite the dismissal of the government’s decision by the Court, the Attorney General superintends over the continuous unlawful detention of Afoko for the past three months.

Contempt of Court:

Mr. Afoko through his lawyers cites the IGP, Mr. David Asante Appietu and CID boss, Maame Tiwa Addo-Dankwa for contempt. Application for contempt is served on these public officials and AG appears to represent them in Court. But IGP and CID boss refused to attend appear in court.

AG in another High Court:

The Attorney General applies to another Court to have the bail rescinded arguing that Mr. Afoko will not attend court if the bail is not rescinded without providing any evidence to demonstrate how Mr. Afoko could abscond from the jurisdiction.

The new Court, thus, granted the AG’s application and has rescinded the over 3months bail.

Public opinions on the development:

The Lawyer Edudzi Kudzo Tameklo writes that appears Georgery Akofo is a political prisoner – read this post below

One High Court grants bail.

The Attorney General applies to the same High Court to stay the execution of the bail. The High Court refused the application.

The Attorney General repeats the stay application at the Court of Appeal. The Court of Appeal refused the application.

Since 19th March, 2019, the State actors disregarded the orders of the High Court.

After 4 months, the Republic applies not to the same High Court that granted the bail for it to review the order but goes to a different High Court for the bail to be reviewed. The High Court, differently constituted, decided to rescind the bail.

Interesting justice. The State wins. Clap for the RULE OF LAW.

GREGORY AFOKO, Political prisoner.


Original Story on: GhanaWeb

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