Public outcry forces Kofi Amoah and Frank Davies to return Ghana FA's $100,000

Public outcry forces Kofi Amoah and Frank Davies to return Ghana FA's $100,000

Dr Kofi Amoah has revealed that his personal lawyer Frank Davies has returned the $100,000 he paid him claiming it was services he rendered the Ghana FA after a massive public outcry with many suspecting a corrupt deal.

Despite returning the money Dr Amoah says Davies is still demanding that the GFA must pay him $100,000 claiming he delivered legitimate services to the federation and deserves to be paid for his work.

The chairman of the defunct Normalisation Committee was ordered by the Ghana FA to refund the money after a meeting was held on Friday  for him to explain why the $100,000 went missing from the $1 million paid by Glo.

The new federation led by Kurt Okraku was keen to demonstrate that it wont tolerate any corrupt acts prompting the GFA to call Dr Amoah for a meeting over how the GFA was left only with $900,000 from the money paid by long-time GFA debtors.

Dr Amoah was invited to answer all the questions at the Emergency Meeting of the GFA on Friday after anger spread within the football fraternity over why he secretly took the money.

The chairman of the defunct caretaker committee says even though the money has been returned has already slapped in an invoice for collect the $100,000.

"I have directed Lawyer Frank Davies to return the $100,000 paid to him for his appreciable service to the President of the GFA and submit his invoice for same, which he has done," Dr Amoah said in a statement on Tuesday.

"For those who read corruption into everything, there is absolutely none here."

Even though the Normalization Committee chairman claims a new lawyer was appointed to be an arbitrator on the case, the GFA had three years ago mandated Thaddeus Sory to fight the case which he succeeded in getting them to agree to the arbitration.

Until reported the way and manner Dr Amoah received the money, the issue would have been kept away from owners of the money - the clubs.

Several questions remain unanswered over why Dr Amoah took custody of the money when he was no longer in charge of the federation.

The GFA has been mired in a fresh scandal after it emerged that Glo paid its remaining $1m debt but just $900,000 reached the federation which led to calls for the meeting.

Dr Amoah personally took charge of the money without paying directly into the federation's account before deciding to release it to the GFA a week later.

The chairman of the erstwhile Normalization Committee was accused on of only releasing the money to the GFA seven days later which is a complete breach of how the GFA's money is handled.

Suspicions are that the money could have been used for any business and refunded after the business deal or paid into high interest yielding account or investment which is a financial loss to the GFA.

Even though Dr Amoah claims to have paid for the services of a lawyer for $100,000, the lawyer who was appointed by the GFA about three years ago to negotiate the GFA's position in the arbitration with Glo and successfully reached the agreement has not been paid.

Following the arbitration and agreement, lawyer Thaddeus Sory managed to get GLO to pay $500,000 which was paid in 2018 to the GFA with an agreement to pay the subsequent $1m from which Mr Sory would be paid his lawyer fees for helping recover the money.

The balance of $1m remained outstanding up to the time the last Executive Committee was dissolved and if Dr Amoah decided to use another lawyer he should have disengaged Lawyer Sory.

This means Lawyer Sory could be forced to take legal action against the Ghana FA to retrieve his money he is owed from the Glo negotiation and arbitration he concluded.e.

Original Story on: GhanaSoccernet

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