My Married Sponsor's Wife Is Aware Of Our Relationship And She Doesn't Mind Sharing - Moesha

My Married Sponsor's Wife Is Aware Of Our Relationship And She Doesn't Mind Sharing - Moesha

Finally, the full episode of CNN’s Christiane Amanpour’s Sex And Love Around The World documentary featuring Moesha Boduong, Mama Zimbi, Duncan Williams etc is out and we finally get the full gist of what actually went down. In the controversial documentary that takes a sneak peek into the s*xual lives of the so-called God-fearing people of Ghana, specifically Accra, both women and men get very candid about their private lives with the hostess Christiane Amanpour. This is the same documentary that got Moesha into a whole lot of trouble after a snippet of her part of the documentary was aired, where she was heard happily saying that in Ghana the economy is so bad that “you just need a man to take care of you” as a woman, much to the obvious shock of Amanpour.

She revealed that there are ranks in the whole “side-chick” business, saying there was the wife, the mistress and the girlfriends like it is some kind of hierarchy. When asked where she stood in this so-called hierachy she did not hesitate to reveal that she was at the very bottom, which is “girlfriend” but was hoping to upgrade to the level of “mistress” soon. According to her, being an expert in such things, a mistress is almost on the same level as the wife. In her next sentence though, she described herself as a “loyal mistress” who is very much in love with the husband of another woman.

When asked how she balances her Christian beliefs with this kind of “mistress” lifestyle since she admitted to being a staunch Christian, she replied by saying “I am a loyal mistress and the wife knows about me. What I’m doing is not hurting anyone or causing pain” before launching into the whole Ghanaian economy is so bad blah blah brouhaha.

She also revealed that she is an ambassador for a vaginal tightening cream and a stretch mark lotion. The documentary featured a range of people from a man of God (Duncan William) to a market queen way down to a man who claimed he is too poor to cheat on his wife and that only rich men had the luxury of keeping mistresses. The full episode is right below

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