Here's Why Praye Members Called Themselves Young And Stupid

Here's Why Praye Members Called Themselves Young And Stupid

The egos have been put aside and fantastic music group Praye are back together, for good this time, we all hope.

Praye captured the imaginations of Ghanaians in never before seen ways during their first run together as a group.

However Praye broke down over numerous misunderstandings and for many years they remained apart as their respective careers stagnated.


With their new reunification, the group has vowed never to break up again.

According to Praye Tie Tia aka Cartel Big J, things didn’t work out the first time because they were immature (also known as being young and stupid).

He said they broke up because “…We were young and when you are young you are growing, you mature and you learn from your mistakes you’ve done in the past and bettered it. I will say we are in a better place,”

He added that they are now matured and “…The maturity will be felt in our compositions; even the way we behave we are in the studio has changed. A lot has changed and it is for good. When you grow, you grow for good.”

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