Ghana Will Have No Option Than To Legalize Homos*xuality In The Coming Years - Rex Omar Predicts

Ghana Will Have No Option Than To Legalize Homos*xuality In The Coming Years - Rex Omar Predicts

As a Ghanaian, you can screech or even cry blood and make all the noise but homos*xuality would be legalized in Ghana some few years to come according to veteran musician, .

Rex Omar is of the view that Ghana as a country will have no option than to make laws to back homos*xuality in the coming years as peoples orientation on the subject will change.

The musician sharing his views on the subject on homos*xuality in Ghana on Accra FM said:

“My take on homos*xuality is this: People are homos*xual by choice, they have decided to be homos*xuals and that is their cup of tea. There are others who are also homos*xual by nature, it is in their genes.

“I am not one of the people who speak against them because even if in the whole-wide-world there are two people who are homos*xual, they are also human beings and they have rights. So, I am not that person who talks down to them.”

On the question of whether he’ll accept an offer to produce songs for homos*xuals, he questioned:

“Why will they approach me for a song? For what? To promote homos*xuality? I haven’t thought of that.

“In Africa, we have cultural sensibilities and not all of us are very broad-minded to understand this issue. The broad-minded people know that the reasons some countries have legalised homos*xuality are because there are people, who, by nature, are ‘Kojo Besia’, a description for someone who is a man but has female behaviour. If you deliver a baby of that nature, will you throw it into the dustbin?

“This is a very controversial issue but I believe that as time goes on we will get to a point where we will understand some of these things.”

Hitting the nail on its head as to whether Ghanaians will change their mindset on the subject, he concluded that:

“We will have no choice. Unlike prostitution, there is no one born to be a prostitute, it is a job of choice but these hormonal imbalances like the hermaphrodite, you can’t throw them away, so, why do we have to infringe on their rights?”

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