Impasse between GRIDCo, ECG over ‘dumsor’ unnecessary – Edward Bawa

Impasse between GRIDCo, ECG over ‘dumsor’ unnecessary – Edward Bawa

“If GRIDCo thinks that they are not matching and that the demand outstrips the supply, they will then tell all the distributors that I know that in our statistics, your load is this between this period and that period of time, so share this amount of power,” he told host Umaru Sanda Amadu.

The former Public Relations Officer for the Energy Ministry stressed that GRIDCo often has to disconnect some areas from the power grid when ECG fails to follow its directives to prevent a total blackout in Ghana.

“They tell them ahead, by 4 pm they would have had a fair idea and will let everybody know

GRIDCo will tell ECG to share X amount of power, ECG will sit down and say that it will not share power.”

“And put all their customers on, GRIDCo sitting at the control room will see that their system is compromised

And so, on the basis of that, they will be forced to take some people off and override ECG’s decision

But if you don’t do that, and as a system, I will not know that you have lights off yesterday or not

Source: Citi Newsroom
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