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Prof. Yankah urges reforms in teaching of mathematics

Prof. Yankah urges reforms in teaching of mathematics

The Minister of State In-charge of Tertiary Education, Prof. Kwasi Yankah, is pushing for reforms to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics at the pre-tertiary level.

Speaking at the launch of the Girls in Mathematical Science Programme and the Master of Mathematical Sciences for Teachers initiated by the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences Ghana (AIMS-Ghana), Prof. Yankah stressed on the need for teachers to be trained to broaden their knowledge in the mathematics field to make the teaching of the subject easier.

“One key factor that is continuously highlighted in mathematics education at the pre-tertiary level is the challenge of the teaching of the subject.”

“Recurrent thesis of mathematics education border on the abstractness of the curriculum and the absence of practical application to everyday realities.”

Prof. Yankah also expressed confidence in the Girls in Mathematical Science Programme to boost education of the girl child.

“It is the expectation of the government that the Girls in Mathematical Science Programme being launched will offer unlimited opportunities to young girls from all parts of the country and beyond, including particularly deprived communities.”

For three weeks, the maiden batch of 30 females selected across the country with a strong background in mathematics and physics will be hosted by AIMS-Ghana during which the girls will be trained on how to identify problems, probe the problem and how to find meaningful solutions to them.

The programme is being championed by AIMS-Ghana with UNESCO, the GETFund and the Ministry of Education.


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