TEWUG urges members to continue strike

TEWUG urges members to continue strike

While the government has fulfilled its commitment to pay the Tier-2 benefits, the vehicle maintenance allowance has not been paid.

In a statement released on Monday, TEWUG urged its members to continue the strike until the government settles the overdue vehicle maintenance allowance for eligible staff

They said while progress has been made regarding Tier-2 benefits and directives for overtime and extra duty allowance by public universities, the matter of the vehicle maintenance allowance remains unresolved.

The National Executive Council (NEC) of TEWU-GH in public universities emphasized that the strike will persist until further notice, citing the government’s failure to address the issue of vehicle maintenance allowance since the strike began on February 1, 2024.

As all may be aware, the strike was declared because of the government’s failure to respect the ruling of the National Labour Commission (NLC) for the payment of Tier-2 funds to the fund managers, the payment of vehicle maintenance allowance to deserving staff without discrimination, and the payment of overtime and extra duty allowance.

The government has since resolved the issue of Tier-2 and also directed the public universities that were affected to pay the overtime and extra duty allowance, but silent on the vehicle maintenance allowance payment to deserving staff.

Some of these issues remain unresolved as the employer, since February 1, 2024, has refused to resolve the issue of the vehicle maintenance allowance

Original Story on: AdomOnline
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