Ambulance trial: All well-meaning Ghanaians applauded the court’s ruling – Enoch Afoakwa

Ambulance trial: All well-meaning Ghanaians applauded the court’s ruling – Enoch Afoakwa

A member of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) Communication Team, Enoch Afoakwa, has observed that all well-meaning Ghanaians applauded the decision of the High Court to dismiss the applications filed by the first and third accused persons in the ambulance purchase trial.

The comments by the NPP Communicator were in response to statements made by the Director of Legal Affairs for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Abraham Amaliba.

Mr Amaliba whilst speaking on the Friday, June 7, edition of the , underscored that Thursday’s ruling of the court was “a day of shame” for both the Attorney-General Godfred Dame and the office of the Attorney-General, as well as the justice delivery system in the country.

The NDC Communicator further indicated that despite the advice by the trial judge for Godfred Dame to recuse himself from the case being “a slap on the wrist”, it is the first time in the history of the country for an Attorney-General to be advised to stay away from a case.

But Mr Afoakwa who was on the same show, disagreed with Mr Amaliba’s assertion, dismissing the impression that Attorney-General Godfred Dame is the first A-G to be reprimanded in court.

[snapshot] Enoch Afoakwa speaking on New DayHe indicated that then Attorney-General Betty Mould-Iddrisu’s action in the Alfred Agbesi Woyome judgement debt was described as “create, looth, and share” by the Supreme Court.

Additionally, Mr Afoakwa said it was the first time in the history of the A-G’s office for the state chief prosecutor to be “indicted criminally” by the apex court.

“It is strange to hear on this platform that the decision of yesterday [Thursday, June 7] was a day of shame to the learned Attorney-General and to the judicial process of this country.

I am sad that a decision that is being applauded by all well-meaning Ghanaians is being described in such a manner.

“… On the Martin Amidu versus Abgesi Woyome, Waterville Holdings cases where the Supreme Court Speaking through His Lordship Justice Jones Mawulorm Dotse stated that the whole spectacle amounted to create looth and share…who authorized for the payment of the over 50 million [US] dollars to Alfred Agbesi Woyome and the likes, Was is it not the learned Attorney-General?”

“Was is it not fact that even the president at the time [late former President John Atta-Mills] instructed that payment ought not be made but yet still the Attorney-General then authorized payment of that amount where the court ruled that it was paid illegally.”

“It was the first time the learned Attorney-General was indicted criminally in the Supreme Court, the apex court of the land,” he stressed.

Source: 3News

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