Election 2024: NDC embarks on ‘Agenda Win Twenty-Five Seats’ – Ashie Moore | 3News

Election 2024: NDC embarks on ‘Agenda Win Twenty-Five Seats’ – Ashie Moore | 3News

Spearheaded by Regional Chairman Emmanuel Nii Ashie Moore, the initiative, coined “Agenda Win Twenty-Five Seats,” aims to augment the party’s current tally of twenty seats, including the Amasaman Constituency.

In an exclusive interview with the Yen Nsempa morning show on Onua FM, April 3, Nii Ashie Moore outlined the party’s strategic approach towards achieving this electoral feat.

Emphasizing confidence in the party’s capabilities, he affirmed, “Out of the 14, I can confidently state that we are securing five, and we are not just taking them.”

While refraining from divulging specific constituencies, Moore assured stakeholders that the “Agenda 25 Seats” initiative, under his stewardship, would come to fruition by 2024.

Echoing his sentiments, the Greater Accra Regional NDC pledged support to the PC’s Vanguard Foundation, a coalition of current and former Parliamentary candidates, by providing financial resources to conduct campaigns in the targeted orphan constituencies.

Moore underscored the party’s grassroots approach, vowing to engage in extensive outreach efforts, including door-to-door canvassing, interactions at lorry stations, and outreach to local businesses, all aimed at garnering support for the NDC’s electoral ambitions.

“We are looking forward to going out there, raising more funds, and possibly coming back and then supporting massively for the 2024 election year.

We are doing door-to-door, we are doing lorry stations to lorry stations, we will be doing shops to shops.

Whatever we can do to win power for the NDC that is what we are going to do,” Moore affirmed, highlighting the party’s commitment to securing victory in the upcoming polls.

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