NDC will give Shama fishing harbour – Parliamentary Candidate promises | 3News

NDC will give Shama fishing harbour – Parliamentary Candidate promises | 3News

Parliamentary Candidate of the National Democratic Congress for the Shama Constituency in the Western Region Emelia Arthur has disclosed that the next Mahama government will prioritise the construction of a state-of-the-art fishing harbour and a fish processing plant in the area.

Opinion leaders and fishers in Shama appealed to former President John Mahama on his last visit to Anlo Beach, to commiserate with flood victims, to help save the coastline from the ravages of the sea.

They had complained of how challenging it has become for them to berth their boats due to unpredictable and monstrous weather conditions, with some also having to lose their homes and properties and had requested a solution.

“President Mahama and the NDC understand the fishing industry, the people, their needs and what makes it tick and consistently worked towards that.

Indeed, this earned him many names in the different coastal communities.

“I am honoured to be part of one of the committees working on the party’s 2024 manifesto, and I assure you that the fishers’ plea has duly been noted after making a strong case for a solution that will not just save the coastline, but also have substantial economic benefits on Shama and its environs,” she told Connect FM on the fringes of a youth rally she organised on Easter Monday to further promote the party’s 24-hour economy strategy promise.

“Shama has, over the years, produced thousands of tons of fish.

However, recent unprecedented weather conditions and very poor supply and availability of fishing inputs such as premix fuel, outboard motors and fishing nets have affected the ability to produce more; So the fishing harbour will be the most ideal solution.”


A cross-section of residents who attended the youth rally responded to the promise of the fishing harbour, which had earlier been affirmed by the National Communications Officer of the party, Sammy Gyamfi, with extreme enthusiasm.

“At least, we can compare the works of former President Mahama and the Akufo-Addo administration, and it’s safe to say I will put my bet on Mahama.

So I trust the party when it says it will give us a fishing harbour,” Francis Esaam said.

Anthony Ehun grew up going to sea with his father and says there has been a sharp decline in fishing activities in Shama due to climate changes, “so a fishing harbour will at least save us from the tidal waves so that we can come and go without any worry.

So I will support any party that has seen that and wants to help” and is willing to vote for Emelia Arthur and the NDC.

Afua Maanam is a bit cautious as she has been left “disappointed after the Akufo-Addo and his government failed to construct a new hospital for Shama, years, after cutting sod even when the President had insisted that funding is secured.”

Youth Rally

Speaker after speaker stressed the need for the youth of Shama to vote for Emelia Arthur and John Mahama as the NDC has proven to be one that can be trusted to provide tailored solutions to the country’s developmental challenges.

“Cast your eyes around, and you will see that the monumental projects that employ the majority of people here and sustain the Shama economy were done by the NDC.

We have done it before, so we can confidently promise you that we will do as we promise.

Is it not sad that the President can disrespect your noble chiefs by inviting them to a function to cut sod for a hospital only for the project to be a white elephant.

“So now, it should be clear to the people of Shama that the NPP cannot be trusted,” said Sammy Gyamfi, National Communications Officer of the party.

Beatrice Annan, a spokesperson for Mr Mahama’s campaign team, explained that the 24-hour economy is one of the flag bearer’s promises of foolproof strategies to solve the alarming youth unemployment.

“The 24-hour economy promise will guarantee a quick economy recovery, which will allow room for many employment opportunities.

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