George Afriyie’s appeal against GFA election disqualification dismissed

George Afriyie’s appeal against GFA election disqualification dismissed

Former Ghana Football Association (GFA) Vice President George Afriyie has had his appeal against disqualification from the upcoming presidential election dismissed by the Appeals Committee.

This ruling effectively sidelines Afriyie from the September 27 elections, which are currently clouded in uncertainty due to a court injunction filed by King Faisal.

Afriyie’s appeal followed his earlier disqualification by the Elections Committee, which cited non-compliance with the requirements for his nomination as a candidate.

Despite his appeal, the Appeals Committee upheld the initial decision, emphasising that Afriyie’s nomination form did not meet the stipulated criteria.

A central point of contention was the number of supporting members listed on Afriyie’s nomination form.

While Afriyie claimed to have secured support from six Ghana Football Association members, the Appeals Committee determined that only five members had provided statutory declarations supporting his candidacy.

Moreover, the committee found issues with the endorsement from Victory Club Warriors F/C, as the individual signing on behalf of the club was not a duly authorised signatory.

However, the lingering court injunction filed by King Faisal adds an additional layer of uncertainty to the election proceedings.

While Afriyie’s appeal within the GFA has concluded, he may well turn to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) for a final attempt at contesting the presidential election.

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